General Information

Online courses are offered for individual students or they may be used by classroom (face-to-face) teachers to supplement classroom instruction in a blended learning environment. The online course teacher, the Distance Facilitator, provides full support to individual students with instruction and assessment but provides support to only the teachers of face-to-face classes using the online material.

Student registration will be completed at the school level by the designated School Registrar. All students must be registered in the database either as individual students or as part of a full class. It is strongly recommended that all potential online students complete the Readiness Quiz prior to registration.

Each course is designed to be completed within each regular school semester, over an 18 week period. Students may register for courses through their School Registrars during the first four weeks of each semester. Permission to register outside of this time period must be requested through the Distributed Learning Program Coordinator and will only be considered for students with exceptional circumstances.

Information about each course, including the required resources for each, can be found in the Online Courses portion of the Government website. For general school technology requirements, please visit the Requirements area.

Registration Instructions

Each school has identified one person, the School Registrar, who is responsible to complete the registration form for each potential online student. Registrars have been provided with special access to Desire2Learn so that students can be verified to have active accounts prior to registration. It is very important to complete this step in the process so that unnecessary and frustrating delays can be avoided. Within 24 to 48 hours of the registration submission, the student and Local Facilitator will be contacted by the course Distance Facilitator with course commencement instructions.

Courses With Restrictions

(1) Spanish 110/120 and Mi’kmaw 110: When registering students in Spanish 110, Spanish 120 or Mi’kmaw 110, Registrars must provide the daily time period that the students will be accessing the online course since these courses have a synchronous component and must be scheduled accordingly. Please note that schools with students taking these online language courses will be responsible to provide all required resources as listed in the course descriptions.

(2) Classroom Teacher Support Only: The following courses are available as resources for classroom teachers only and are not offered for individual distance students:

  • Biology 111/2
  • Biology 121/2
  • Chemistry 111/2
  • Chemistry 121
  • Culinary Technology 110
  • Intro to Electronics 110
  • Tech Support 110

District Learning Specialist for e-Learning

For more information, please visit the Responsibilities section.

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